Room Rehaul

March 3, 2017



Having effectively moved out to live nearer my job down south, when I then found a new job and moved back home, first on the agenda was to re-do my bedroom. Your bedroom is your space and the interior should reflect that. Coming from living in a rented room, where it can be difficult to put your own stamp on a space, I couldn't wait to revamp my room. 


It was important my room worked for me. For years I thought there wouldn't be enough space to have a desk/dressing table but with a little rejigging and assessing with my tape measure, I found space for one, yay! With a little help from IKEA, this is now my favourite part of the room.


I trawled through what seemed like hundreds of websites to find the desk I wanted. All those I found were hugely expensive so I visited trusty IKEA and was thrilled to find you could build your own. This brought the cost down and still achieves the look I was after. While I was winding through the one way IKEA system, I picked up a few extra pieces (it's so hard not to, there's no way out!)


My favourite part of the room is my wall grid next to my desk. This particular one is from Urban Outfitters, who still have some amazing grids available on their website. I think it looks amazing and it's so useful, for not only keeping notes & reminders but it's also home to my make up must haves.


As you can see I have a thing for feathers, I'm not sure why! I pick up little bits when I see them out & about. I googled to see what this could mean and apparently some say feathers represent freedom, inspiration & travel others believe they are a symbol of fertility and giving thanks & appreciation, so hopefully I'm covered on all bases! 








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