Females Of The Future

May 10, 2017



Feminism: "The advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes." - Oxford Dictionary


In a society where equal rights have never been more prominent & relevant, the fact that women are celebrating the sheer fact they are women is so empowering to me. Women often get a bad rep for simply stating the word feminist or feminism and it is just shouldn't be that way. 


I would be the first to note that men don't breeze through life without any prejudice or sexism but being a women, I think it's super important to celebrate it! 


Cue this Topshop top, which just says it all without you having say anything at all. An absolute steal at £15, its available in black & white. I throw it on with jeans, trousers or under a jumpsuit and love it with them all.


Because every day is Women's Day!





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