Short Hair Don't Care

April 9, 2017


Your hair can make up a HUGE part of you identity and it can be difficult to make a change. From as young as I can remember I always had long locks! It became part of who I was & it's safe to say it was my favourite feature for a long time. I naturally have VERY think hair, which every hairdresser I've ever visited has commented on! I went though a phase of hating how thick it was but now I love it & feel very lucky.


When I made the bold decision to go shorter, instead of having a foot of hair chopped of all at once, the best way forward was to go shorter in stages. I wasn't sure how short I wanted to go, so this was a perfect way of judging it as I went along. Ever since a disaster cut I had years back, where my layers were really badly cut & styled I vowed to myself I would never go back to layers. Opting for a blunt cut all the way round & several hair appointments later I reached a length I'm super happy with. Although theres a million & one styles you can achieve with long hair, I never explored anything further than putting a few waves in occasionally. Now my hair is shorter I feel I can do so much more with it & it's never been easier to manage & maintain.


I still look back now & can't believe how long it was! I love my new shorter hair though, I don't know what took me so long!







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