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November 26, 2017

So Jessa Miles has a fresh new look!


I started this blog because I wanted a channel to share my love of fashion and all it entails as well as the things I love to do in life.


What I’ve come to realise is that, for me, being fashionable or stylish for want of better words, doesn’t mean you need to be wearing new things every day and the concept of every post I write only featuring pieces that I’ve bought now is just not working for me! Because I’ve held this mentality I’m not giving as much to my blog as I want to or set out to, which makes me sad! 


Often I wallow in the ‘I have a million clothes but nothing to wear’ mentally when that’s just not the case! I have a wardrobe full of amazing clothes, each one I bought for a reason and have stayed in my wardrobe this long because after endless wardrobe clear outs, they’ve made it through the ruthless de-cluttering


The reality of it is, I’ve gone back to Uni to study for a Masters and have a part time job to run alongside it, so I just don’t have the disposable income I wish I did to subsidise a lifestyle wear I’m always wearing new clothes! As much as Fashion is a major part of my life, I love my friends and family and getting out and experiencing new things, which for now, is taking priority over materialistic stuff! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still treat myself from but I need to be realistic with all the boring/adult stuff like finances (unfortunately).


From now on I’m going to post about the clothes I’m actually wearing, rather than waiting until I have something new to feature, although like I said I’m sure a few new bits will sneak their way though from time to time, but not for every post! I’m looking forward to being able to post more and hope you as readers enjoy it as much as I do creating it!





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