My New Years Resolutions

January 2, 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR beauties! I had so much fun celebrating the New Year! But alas, a new year brings with it the promise of change and reflection on improving in the year ahead!





Another year, another list of resolutions that probably (ok, probably, definitely) won't be stuck to for the duration of January, let alone the year. Having said this, I'm motivated to try my best this year to set a few goals and challenges for myself and keep them for the next 12 months! So here they are:


1. Read more! I always have reading to be doing for my Masters course, so for my first term I have put recreational reading on the back burner, as I always feel I like if I'm reading, I should be reading something academic! But whilst I am committed to working towards my degree, it's important to have a little time to yourself, where your mind isn't stressing over deadlines or soaking in endless academic journals. I'm going to set time aside in bed each night to read, even if only a couple of pages. This also may stop my incredibly bad habit of scrolling through Instagram just before going to sleep, something I know you shouldn't do, but still end up doing!


2. Exercise more & eat healthy. Such a cliche 'new year, new me' resolution but I seriously need to buck my ideas up when it comes to looking after my mind and body. I'm determined to take up running (or jogging) and get back to a healthy lifestyle. I really believe this will help with my stress levels, sleep and fitness. Hopefully a boost of body confidence will be a welcome side effect too!


3. Incorporate natural & sustainable products into my skincare regime. I've suffered with bad skin this year and I'm really keen to sort it out. Through improving my diet and looking at the products I use, I hope it will resolve itself. My friend recently introduced me to an app called 'Think Dirty', where you can discover more about what goes into the products you use. It certainly opened my eyes to the shear number of chemicals and ingredients I couldn't even say or spell, that go into big name beauty products. My aim is by the end of the year, to have replaced the products I currently use with 100% natural products.


4. Watch more old movies. For Christmas Eve, my family and I went to our local independent cinema where they were playing 'Oh It's a Wonderful Life' a timeless film released in 1946! You can't help but fall in love with the romanticism of an old movie so I plan on watching all the greats this year and discovering those I've missed out on from way back when!


5. Make braver style choices. Like I said in my previous post, I have tonnes of perfectly good clothes I hardly ever wear going to waste in my wardrobe. I'm going to braver this year with my style choices, because hey, you live and you learn. Who cares if you make a blunder or two along the way. As long as you like what you see in the mirror and have confidence when you step outside the house, to me, that's style! 


So those are my resolutions for this year, let's see if by 31st December 2018 I can say I achieved them all!


I'd love to know what you New Years Resolutions are! And have you kept those you set in 2017? 



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