January Thoughts

January 15, 2018


I know I've already done a resolutions post for this year but stick with me here!


January can be a funny ol' month. The festive season is well and truly over, you're broke and it seems like an age until next pay day (if it's anything like mine) and now you've got every man & his dog telling you that today is 'Blue Monday' aka the most depressing day of the year. Don't listen to them! Yes, it's back to reality with an almighty bump, BUT today is no worse than any other Monday! Trick is not to let today defeat you. Take this Monday by the balls and get shit done!



Having said that, I have been reflecting over the last few weeks and found myself worrying and stressing about the impending year ahead (probably unnecessarily). This year is probably the most crucial of my 24 years so far. I have a Masters to work towards and a new/long awaited, dream career to launch upon graduating from it. Having worked in the Fashion industry before, I know just how difficult it can feel to get your ideal job. I didn't see my past roles as the career path I dreamt of so decided to take up the challenge of pursuing my Masters as a method of expanding my career horizons.


In order to complete my Masters, I have given up a salaried job and I'm now back to the world of part time, retail work, whilst still running a car, paying my bills and maintaining some level of a social life in order to keep me sane. Oh, and doesn't life just love to throw in a flat tyre and fading brakes to keep you grounded, when you have £11 to your name because I mean, of course!


It's daunting to look at the year ahead, wondering where on earth you'll be once it comes back round to Christmas time again, trying to put plans and thoughts into place. Whilst this week I was given two assignment briefs, totalling an eye watering 12,000 words by March time, I need to concentrate on balancing my time between academia and enjoying myself, spending much needed time working on myself, not just the 'academic me'.



My family and I went out for a much needed post Christmas family evening out. We covered a million and one topics, spanning our woes, plans, diaries amongst many more. It was lovely. 


This is what I wore:



Top is ASOS Reclaimed Vintage, shop the range here


Jeans were an ABSOLUTE post summer sale find, from M&S for £4.50!! I KNOW!

So many grey jeans out there, you don't need me to tell you where to find them! Jeans are so subjective in my opinion; style, fit, colour, I find it so difficult even thinking about jean shopping but sometimes it's just gotta be done! In fact my Topshop skinnies have lived their best life and finally given up on me, holes at the waistband and frankly where no ones wants to see one so I reluctantly scrolled through the Topshop website and ordered a few pairs that probably won't fit me but we'll see...


Boots are Dotty P, (Dorothy Perkins) available here. THEY'RE IN THE SALE. SHOP, SHOP, SHOP, guys and gals!

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