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February 11, 2018


At the start of this year I set myself a resolution, a challenge as it were; to transform my skincare regime to incorporate natural products.


I have been suffering with spot prone skin for what seems like going on 2 years now. When I was a youngster I suffered from pretty bad acne and subsequently put on a course of treatment by a dermatologist I was referred to, which cleared them up and left my skin flawless; the work of miracles! That's why now, I’m so gutted my skin seems to be getting worse again.  Without any expertise or advice, I'm attributing it to my diet and general lifestyle, which I have vowed to improve greatly and currently in the process of doing. I can't keep blaming the 'stresses' and 'anxieties' in my life for my unhealthy lifestyle choices, so I'm going to buck my ideas up and pronto!


But go hand in hand with this, I have already started to try out new, natural, skincare brands. I've become a lot more clued up and engaged in looking at what I put onto my skin. My lovely bestie has introduced me to the natural, cruelty free world of Tropic.




Tropic can't be found in stores, instead it's available through it's ambassadors, Cat being one of them! You can attend or host a 'Pamper Experience' where you're introduced to the range, from exfoliators & bath washes right through the make up collection. You can test out all the masks, make up & serums and really get a good look at all the products available.



We had a girly weekend recently where I attended my first Pamper Experience. I fell in love with the ABC Skincare Collection and shall be switching to this for my morning and nighttime routine.


I was then lucky enough to be given a Tropic make over. The before and after shots tell you all you need to know about the coverage!! (Can't believe I'm sharing the 'before' photo with you all, but hey, this is me!) It's the best I've felt with my make up for the day in ages! Definitely photo ready so it would have been rude not to document the occasion! The 'after' photo has not been tampered with and no filter has been added! (I know, unbelievable difference isn't there, so happy with how it looks! Cat, can you do me a Tropic make over everyday, please?)



Go check out her Instagram @tropicskincarewithcat for more info and inspo!


I'm excited to see if my skin improves as I've heard so many success stories! Welcome to my new & improved skincare routine, Tropic. Lovely to have you on board!



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