Growing Up

March 12, 2018


Later this year I'll be hitting a quarter of a century, the big 2 5! I'll be officially in my mid-twenties and tbh should probably look at getting my shit together soonish.


It can be oh to easy to look at your peers and friends and measure their life & achievements against your own, more often than not sighing and wondering when you life will fall into place the way (you think) you want it to be, like it seems to have with them. Truth is, no ones life is perfect, everyone has their own demons and anxieties and in a generation of over sharing (good ol' Instagram), rarely do people publish their 'not so great' days/sides/decisions etc etc etc



Looking back at the teenage and even 20/21 year old Jess, I have to give myself a pat on the back as I truly believe I have so much more confidence in myself compared to my wee nipper self. Don't get me wrong, I still have my hang ups and still working on myself on an everyday basis, in no means am I the finished article; but then is anyone, at any age 'the finished article'? I'm confident in the fact that I can get through this year and achieve what I set out to. I am confident in my friendships, my family life and my own abilities to get through the 'not so great days' and come out the other side. On the flip side I like to think I'm still as spontaneous as I was back in my 'younger days' (as it were, I know I'm still 'young') and I still have my silly and immature moments but from what I can gather no one ever 'grows up' fully, do they? Please tell me I'll still be springing and dancing around in my latter years?!


Whilst the process of growing up brings exciting prospects and opportunities, it can also be incredibly challenging at times. Friends may come and go, but it's important to consider that in life, people are relative to where you are and who you are. As your priorities are changing, so are those around you. Don't be too hard on yourself, or them.



I thought by my mid-twenties I'd be settled in a job I enjoyed, maybe renting or dare I say looking at buying my own place. Yet, alas, my journey through my early twenties has not gone as originally planned. I'm back living with my parents, which to be honest I'm happy about, I'm still (she whispers) single and again not too bothered about that either. I've not yet made my millions (booo!), working part time and studying still, very much full time.


After graduating with my Bachelors degree, it took me a year to get into a graduate or entry level role and even then I knew that the role I was taking on maybe wasn't one which, in my hearts of hearts, I wanted to carve a career in.


Having conducted a huuuge life evaluation last year, I found myself in a bit of a rut and decided, instead of being complacent and settling for 'my lot', I'd do summit about it. I applied for my Masters and amazingly got in! I'm now about half way through and starting to think about my goals once I've finished in September. I'm determined to get into a job which kick starts my dream career path and I'm passionate and committed enough to make it happen. If you can dream it, IT CAN HAPPEN! Dream big kiddas.



Jacket(years old & before I was veggie): All Saints


Mesh Dress (similar to the new Topshop one that everyones going crazy over, although chiffon, not mesh like mine it still has the same look and feel about it, just gorge! And oh so Molly Goddard, love her) - Glamorous


Slogan Tee (widely available,the more feminist the better I say!) - Topshop


Jeans - Urban Outfitters


Shoes - Converse (obvs)

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