Music Monday

April 23, 2018

Hello, it's been a while. I know...I'm such a bad 'blogger'. I won't make excuses but I will, I've been INCREDIBLY, INSANELY, CRAZY busy with my Masters and I just haven't seemed to have stopped for months and oh, believe me I'm feeling it!


My blog is my baby so I'm determined and committed to pouring more time, energy and love into the ol' gal. So here I am declaring my promise and hopefully I won't be putting the blog on the back burner in the months to come! (I really mean it!)


I thought I'd kick of again with a music post. Undeniably, music plays a huge and crucial role in my life. Especially now I'm at home most of the time in front of my computer, typing away (cus a 20,000 word dissertation ain't gonna write itself, boo). Music is constantly playing and everywhere, at home, in the car, on my loooong tram journeys into uni and if I'm on my own my headphones are usually fixed permanently in my ears walking round Nottingham, London, anywhere and everywhere I find myself on a weekly basis! 



My music taste has changed drastically over the years. I was your typical chart music follower for a number of questionable years as a wee teen/into my uni (undergrad) years and didn't really explore music nearly as much as I do now. I am very pleased to say it has now broadened to encompass a ridiculously wide variety of music. Phew.


Don't get me wrong, I still love a good sing song to my 1D albums, yes I have them all, but I'm finding more and more that chart music just isn't floating my boat at the minute. Maybe its a sign of my age or dare I say it, maturity, I dunno, but I'm finding myself looking back into past decades for music. I'm going through a bit of a 90's Oasis/mod/rock phase at the minute. Don't get me wrong, I've sang Wonderwall for donkeys years but I'm really enjoying just hitting shuffle on artists and listening to everything. More often than not I'm like 'hey I think remember this song' or 'I've definitely heard this before' but not quite able to put my finger on it, which I kind of enjoy.


I don't know how I discovered Sit Down by James but I'm so glad I did. This 1990 wonder is just my favourite right now. Scrolling through Spotify I think they have some really recent albums too so I'll be sure to take a listen to the rest of their back catalogue.



I've said it before but it still stands so true, I try to get to as many gigs as possible, whether it be big arena shows or smaller, more intimate gigs. In fact I'm looking for a gig in July to go to, so I don't break my gig every month pattern that I seem to have amassed since early this year! Speaking of which I've just seen my main man Harry Styles, who was INCREDIBLE! If you get the chance to catch him on tour, I more than highly recommend it! Coming up I've got Børns, Justin Timberlake, Britney & Shania Twain this year, I told you it was 'eclectic'! (also how weird I have JT & Britney in the same summer, bringing all those 90's matching denim outfit feels for real!)


I have added a link to my Spotify on the main page next to my blog posts, if anyone is remotely interested in taking a peak at my completely random playlists. If anyone has any recommendations or fave bands/artists I'd love to hear them so please hit me up!



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