Best of the Oscars: The 91st Academy Awards

February 25, 2019

The end of awards season 2019 has been and gone *sigh*. No more glitzy Film Awards for another year! The 91st Academy Awards aka the Oscars 2019 heralded the most glamorous and fashionable end to the 2k19 awards season we all could have hoped for!


For the final time this season, here are my Fashion highlights from the biggest night in Film:



I think this may be my personal look of the night! Laura Harrier wore this beautiful embellished Louis Vuitton dress. This pale blue colour has dominated the red carpets this season in my humble opinion and I just can't get enough of it, on the ladies or gents (remember Shawn Mendes' gorge suit?!). Not only is this a STUNNING ensemble, it is also designed as part of the Green Carpet Fashion movement, where designs are sustainably sourced and ethical fashion is celebrated on the red carpet. I can't say I'm super familiar with Laura Harrier but she will for sure be on my radar this year and I can't wait to see the looks she'll be rocking going forward!



The woman of the moment. OLIVIA COLEMAN, ladies and gents! I'm so happy she won last night, to go along with her BAFTA too! I haven't managed to go see 'The Favourite' yet but I'm itching to see her award winning performance. She wore this gorgeous Prada dress with a beautiful flowing embellished train. Paired with the fact the dress has POCKETS, could it get any better? I love the high neckline and sleeve detailing leading into the train. Such a perfect look for Best Actress in Hollywood right now!



I remember watching Nicholas Hoult in 'About a Boy', many, many years ago now and thinking he'd for sure make it into adulthood acting and its seems I was right! I should've put money on it, darnit. (Although I suppose I would have been too young back then actually...). He wore this rather interesting Dior suit and I have to say, I rather like it! Stepping out of the classic suit confines, this Dior tailoring is a fresh new concept and I applaud all involved in the creation and styling of this!




Also in Dior, and rocking this beautiful pale blue AGAIN is Charlize Theron. The shoulder detailing to the rolled up cuffs and divine fit of this dress means it scores highly with me! The addition of the stunning jewellery gives this look an added splash of glamour for the ceremony to follow. Just LOVE this look so much!



 Now, this look rocked by Maya Rudolph in a floral Giambattista number has been panned by the media and even featured on 'Worst Dressed' lists, a journalistic concept I have always disagreed to the extreme with and I believe NO ONE looks 'the worst' or 'not pretty' in anything they wear and that fashion is not created to be ugly, bad or 'the worst' AND women or men for that matter, shouldn't be pitted against other like its a competition as to who has the best PR connections to get in these designer pieces. I happen to love this dress. I love the striking pink and floral print and think it brings the glamour and wow factor to an event that if you cant do that at, I mean where can you? So there, media. I. LOVE. IT. 



Lastly, bringing the utterly fairytale like Belle vibes to the Oscars Red Carpet, Constance Wu stuns in custom Versace. The gorgeous neckline is complimented by the lack of jewellery, a styling move I'm all for! By letting the dress do the talking here, allows Constance Wu to sparkle and radiate sheer glamour in this amazing gown. With Spring on its way, this canary yellow is the perfect colour and contrasts perfectly down to a tee with her choice of makeup and jewellery. I went to go see her performance in 'Crazy Rich Asians' last year and thoroughly enjoyed the film, if you haven't seen it yet, I 100% recommend. 



So that's it. My last Awards post for a fair while (sad times). I love this season purely for the Fashion highlights and the celebration of pure talent and creativity at it's best. I'll be sure to keep track of red carpet calendars going forward so I can do more of these posts! I hope you've enjoyed them, on to something a little different next post! Until then, thanks for reading *huge smiling face, teeth and all emoji*!







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